Computer Requirements for Simetar 5

1)    What versions of Office for Windows are compatible with Simetar 5? What Windows operating systems are compatible with Simetar 5?

a.     Simetar 5 will work on Windows 10 operating systems and other versions of Windows that fully support Office 2016.  Simetar 5 is compatible with Office 2016.  It can operate on prior versions of Office, but those are not actively supported.

2)    Is Simetar 5 compatible with Office 365?

a.     Simetar 5 will work with Office 365 if it is a downloaded version.  Simetar 5 will not work with the cloud version of Office 365.

3)    Can I use 32-bit Simetar 2016 with 64-bit Office 2013 or 64-bit Office 2016?

a.     Simetar 5 installer determines whether you Excel is 32 or 64 bit and loads the appropriate version of Simetar.

4)    Will Simetar 5 work with Office 2011 for Mac or Office 2016 for Mac?

a.     No. Simetar 5 will not work natively on a Mac.

5)    How can I run Simetar 5 on my Mac?

a.     To run Simetar 5 on your Mac, you must use Windows. You can use Apple’s built-in Boot Camp utility, or paid third-party products like VMWare Fusion, or Parallels. Regardless of what product you use, you will have to purchase a Windows license for a separate fee. You will also need to purchase and install Office 2013 for Windows or Office 2016 for Windows.

Simetar Only Works on the Downloaded Version of Office 365.  Do Not Download Simetar if You are Using the Web Version of Office 365.